Starplus Anupama 10th February 2022:Anuj breaks down completely


Anuj tells Anupama that he does not remember how was the first coffee in the office but he will remember the last coffee of that office for his whole life.

Both Anuj and Anupama prays to God. Anuj wish for Malvika’s happiness.Malvika breaks the stuff an she cries thinking that anuj is leaving.

He says that you must leave the office now. Both of them walk on the road. Anuj he has made a mistake in the past twice.

He tells that he was trying to control the life of Malvika. He says that he told the decision of her life and he was wrong.

Anuj tells that he failed thus this time only she will take the decision.Anuj says until he will be with Malvika latter will not learn to take the decisions .

The security guard salutes Anuj. He says that his only Anuj now. Anupama sees that Malvika and vanraj are watching them through the window.

Anupama holds Anuj’s hand and walks away. Anuj tell that he does not know that where he is going. GK comes there and gets emotional seeing Anuj.

She asks GK to hug Anuj once. Anuj cries seeing GK. He tells GK that he should not break the promise that he has made to him.

On the other hand Malvika gets angry and she breaks only stuff she breaks down completely after losing her brother.

Vanraj goes and tells her that she should not worry about all that has happened he tells her that she should take care of the business that Anuj has built.

He tells that she should show everyone that she can also do the business successfully.GK share with Anupama that Anuj took promise from him to be with Malvika .

He tells that he was clueless about the decision the Anuj has taken. He tells Anupama that it is now her duty to take care of Anuj.

Anupam tells that she has taken care of herself from childhood and now she will take care of her love.

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