Meet Update:Meet and Meet Ahlawat Misunderstands Each Other


Zee TV serial meet is coming up with a new and interesting twist in each and every episode. It will be very interesting to know what will happen in the upcoming episodes.

In the recent track, it is seen that meet ahlawat decides to run away from there before his wife comes over there.

On the other hand, meet it comes over there and finds her husband and gets happy she decides to tell something to him.

Meet ahlawat gets afraid and hides over there behind the car.Meet go there and ask scheme that was heading over there.

Both of them tells each other they have to tell something to each other.Meet ahlawwat tells meet that whatever happened the last night was an accident.

Meet episode 22.nd February 2022 spoiler alert: in the upcoming episode it will be seen that meet and her husband travel in a bus.

Meet ahlawat loses his balance but meet save him. He says that there is nothing and nothing happened to him.

But meet does not hear him and asks him to take care and she takes care of him. She gets upset later on and then she thinks that what happened to them.

Meet ahlawat also starts thinking that what has he done that his wife is so upset with him. On the other hand meet thinks that her husband does not love her.

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