Meet Update: Good news! Tej is gradually recovering


A lot of twist is going on in Zee TV daily soap meet. In the recent episode It is seen that Tej has lost his conscious.

The doctor comes to check him the doctor asks meet and her husband that who spoke to Tej the last time.

Meet ahlawat you’ll still doctor that they have not spoken and they do not remember anything that happened.

The doctor asks both of them to leave from there because he must take care of Tej and look after him. Babita does the Aarti.

Meet ahlawat goes and tells her and everyone that change is getting ok slowly and he is recovering. Everyone gets happy to know that.

But chacha ji gets surprised to know that. He goes and watches the doctor doing the treatment of Tej. And Tej slowly remembers everything that has happened to him long back.

Rajvardhan says that everything will be fine now because Tej is getting ok day by day and he is recovering.

Meet ahlawat goes there and gets emotional after watching his brother in that condition. Chachaji goes from there

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