Meet upcoming episode: Meet gives a tricky challenge to Manushi


A lot of drama is going on in Zee TV serial meet. In the upcoming episode it will be seen that meet and Manushi will go through another challenge.

Babita asks both of them whether they are ready for the upcoming challenge or not. Meet and Manushi says that they are ready for the challenge.

Manushi ask meet to give her a challenge and that asked to do so that she can prove herself better than her and can win the challenge.

Meet ask her to seat with her husband in the front seat of the car. She says that she has given such a challenge that is very easy for her.

She says that she don’t have to even think and meet can be sure that she is doing this challenge without any difficulties.

Manushi goes to meet ahlawat and tell him that she has put the boxes in his car and asks him to drop her. He says that he will drop her.

But when Manushi goes and opens the front door of the car she finds that the front seat beside the driver seat is missing she gets shocked.

Both of them start thinking that where is the front seat of the car and how it be missing. Actually it was the plan of meet.

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