Meet episode 3rd February 2022 spoiler alert


Everyone does the Aarti for Vasant Panchami. Ragini asks what happened to meet and her husband. She says they Actually by mistake their hand is stuck.

She says that it is good your hand is stuck and they will be staying together. Manushi says that this can’t be possible She Goes and tries to separate them.

Manushi falls down Ragini helps them to separate their hands. Manushi goes to her sister and says that she knows that she is doing all this intentionally.

Manushi tries to drag attention from meet ahlawat. She tears her cloth and starts calling him. But she finds that he is not over there and the gardener comes over there.

Accidentally she Falls into the mud. Meet comes there and asks what is she doing over there in that condition.

Meet starts laughing at her she makes her video call and shows her husband the condition of Manushi. She says that Babita is calling them.

Later on Babita says that the next challenge will be that both of the sisters have to give each other a challenge because they are sisters and they know each other’s weak points.

Meet things that her sister has always told lie. She guesses that she has also told a life about Parth so she decides to go to her house.

She Goes and helps her mother and then she finds that her grandmother is coming she decides to make some tea for everyone she also tells them that she has learned how to make tea.

While making the tea she asks her mother and her grandmother does then know about the husband of Manushi. She thinks that she has to reach parth to know the truth that what has happened.

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