Kundali Bhagya, 9 February 2022 :OH NO! Prithvi puts the coconut bomb on preeta’s plate

Kundali Bhagya

Natasha gives her hand to Preeta and ask her to take her help . She tells that she does not need help she says that she must help Karan.

She gets up on her own. Sameer tell that Karan has won. Bani tell that it is unfair because according to the rules of the game it should only Karan and Preeta.

Shristi asks them to play the game once again Karan tells Preeta to admit that she has lost the game but she says that she is not ready to admit it.

Preeta wins the game and everyone starts clapping for her. Rakhi brings the doctor of Mahesh and she introduces him to everyone.

Prithvi thinks that the doctor should not understand that his condition is improving day by day.Preeta tells she’ll talk to him in his clinic and spots Sherlyn coming out of the house.

Prithvi tells about his plan to Nagre , karan tries to hear the conversation but the change the conversation on the topic.

Shambhu comes and gives the real coconut bomb to Prithvi and he exchanges it with the fake one.Karan and Preeta do the pooja, but Prithvi stops them and tells them to do the aarti together.

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