Bhagya lakshmi upcoming major update: will Rishi propose Lakshmi?

A lot of drama is happening in the Zee TV serial Bhagyalakshmi in the upcoming episode it will be seen that the robbers enters the bank.

They speak to someone on the call. On the other hand, Rishi and Lakshmi meet each other and both of them get emotional after seeing each other.

Bhagya lakshmi upcoming major update

Rishi feels that he has done the wrong thing with Lakshmi and he should apologize to her. He decides to go and speak to her.

But Lakshmi denies listening to him. Rishi tells ayush that he has done a mistake and he wants to speak his heart to Lakshmi.

Rishi getsup from there and the card falls down. Ayush thinks that it is a waste time when Rishi can accept his love for Lakshmi.

Ayush gives the card to Shalu and tell her to give it to Lakshmi. Shalu gives the court to Lakshmi and Lakshmi asks that who has given her that card.

Shalu tells that the card is given by Rishi. She was surprised to learn that the card is given Rishi. On the other hand Malishka asks about the card.

Ayush tells Rishi that he has given the car to Lakshmi so that she can understand what he feels for her.

On the other hand the bank staff informs Malishka that Rishi is opening the bank account along with his wife. She takes the account details and finds that it is Lakshmi’s name written over there.

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