Anupama Upcoming Big Update:OH NO! Will Anuj And Anupama Break-Up?

Anupama 7th february 2022

Vanraj tries to provoke Malvika against Anuj and Anupama. He tells me that he knows very well how much she loves her brother.

He says that she has always listen to her brother and whatever he has told her to do she has done.Vanraj reminds her that it was due to Anuj that she had lost her parents.

Malvika gets emotional after hearing this. On the other hand, Anuj asks him to stop all this. But he continues to speak to her.

Vanraj tells Malvika that when Anuj tells something to her she always does that but if she tells something to anuj then willed feels listens to her.

He says that Anuj told had to leave the partnership with him and she decided to leave it. He asks her to tell her brother to in the partnership with Anupama.

Malvika asks Anuj whether he is ready to break the relationship with Anupama for her. Later breaks down completely after all this.

Anupama decides to leave the house she asks Anuj to take care of Malvika and only to think about her. Malvika calls vanraj and apologizes to him.

Anuj asks Anupama not to leave him alone because he can’t wait for Malvika for her anymore. He says that Malvika has already left him.

He says to Anupama that he has made a decision and he wants her to support her decision. Then next day vanraj gets ready to leave for the office.

Hasmukh asks him to stay over there and not to go to office but he denies to listen to him he says that he have an important decision pending.

He goes to the office and asks Malvika whether she has spoken to her brother or not she says that she has spoken and he has taken the decision which should not be taken.

She informs him that her brother has given the full company to her. On the other hand Anupama get surprised to know that Anuj has given the company to Malvika.

Vanraj dreams of becoming the boss of the company. Anupama tells Anuj that he has done a mistake because vanraj can take the company from Malvika.

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