Anupama Upcoming Big Update: Warning!!! Anuj tells Malvika To Stop The Project, But Why?

Anupama 1st february 2022

Starplus Anupama Update: High voltage drama is going on in star plus daily soap Anupama. Anupama and Anuj go on a date.

Anuj sees Anuj and gets surprised to see him in casual dress. She asks whether it is anuj. He says that yes. Anuj looks at his dress and tells that it is his first date so he was confused.

He says that he was thinking that what he should wear. Anuj asks is he looking bad or not.Anu tells that he is looking nice.

She says that she was thinking that what the people will tell if they see them together. She tells that the people will tell that Anuj is so young she is not at all classy.

Anuj says that no one will even dare to say this to her. He says that everyone will tell them that she is so good beautiful.

In the upcoming episode, Malvika returns home and she tells everyone that she is very excited because of a new project.

She tells everyone that she has confirmed that she will be launching their first hotel in Mumbai. She gets excited to do the project along with her partner vanraj.

Malvika also tells Anuj and Anupama that she will be going to Mumbai and will be shifting there with vanraj to execute their project.

Anuj and Anupama gets surprised to hear this he also tells Malvika that he can’t tolerate this anymore.

He says that now he will be opening his mouth. Anuj says that he can understand everything but you will be not doing this project with vanraj.

Anuj says that she should go to the office the next day and cancel the project and should also forget about her partner.

Why did Anuj get so angry ?

Is Vanraj making a new plan to trap Malvika?

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