Anupama S01 February 16, 2022 Spoiler Alert


Anupama S01 February 16, 2022, Spoiler Alert: Anuj and Anupama stand outside their home and speak to each other. Anu asks him whether he wants to go to his home or not.

Anuj then says that he will go after some time. Anupama gets happy. Anuj tells that he has to go back to his house.

He will go back because the view from his house is stunning. Anuj decides that he must end his 26-years-long wait today.

He decides to express his love to Anupama. Kavya struggles to make chutney. She thinks how earlier women used to make chutney without a machine.

Baa asks her why is she making the chutney for vanraj. She tells that she wants to give a surprise to vanraj. Kavya says that she is planning a surprise for Vanraj on Valentine’s day. 

Kinjal comes and asks what can she wear for valentines day. She suddenly feels dizzy. She tells that she is just having stress at her work.

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