Anupama Episode 28th February 2022:Anupama gets to know about Kinjal’s Pregnancy


Anupama 28th February 2022:kinjal praises Husmukh for the decoration of the party.He tells that alll the members have helped him.

Jignesh gets happy.Dolly tells that she has made the snacks.Leela says none prepared for her birthday ever.

Dolly’s daughter asks leela whether she is jealous everyone laughs.Sanjay says Paritosh and Vanraj went office and he doubt they will attend the celebration.

Anuj sees anupama and get happy see her.Anupama gets excited for her birthday. There, Vanraj and Paritosh returns home.

Husmukh asks that how did thet arrive so fast.Vanraj tells that meeting got over and now he will work from home..

He tells that an outsider birthday is being celebrated that doesn’t mean the people of the house will not be there in the house.

Anupama and anuj visits the shah.Anu takes blessings from the elders.Leela denies giving her the blessings but later on he bless anupama.

Anupama gets over excited to celebrate her birthday. Paritosh and Kinjal too wish Anupama.Anu tells vanraj that she is ok if he doesnot wish her.

Samar surprise Anupama with Happy Birthday decoration.Anupama gets emotional. She gets reday to reveal her decision to the shah’s.

Kinjal faints ,Paritosh asks Kinjal if she needs a doctor. Kinjal says no.Anupama decides to stay there.Later she gets to know that she is pregnant.

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