Anupama 25th February 2022 Promosode


Anupama 25th February 2022 Promosode: In the upcoming episode it will be seen that husmukh buys a lot of gifts.

Leela asks what are the gifts for.Samar tells that this time husmukh will be giving the treat to Anupama on the 18th. Vanraj asks what is on the 18th.

Samar tells that it is the birthday of Anupama. Later on, Anupama and husmukh speak to each other. Anupama tells him how Anuj proposed to her.

She tells that actually she is scared about the decision to marriage because of the past happenings in her life.

Husmukh tells her to get fearless and start with the new begining. He tells her that in the relationship between Anuj and Anupama both of them love each other.

He tells that when there is love between both of them the way will always come out.He tells her to make her coming birthday a Happy Birthday.

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