Udaariyaan:Jasmine tries to destroy Tejo and Fateh’s happiness

Udaariyaan Update

Udaariyaan is coming up with new and interesting twist and updates in each and every episode. In the recent track it is seen that tejo join the college. And fateh also join the same college as sports teacher.

Tejo gets shocked to see him over there.Fateh goes to the cafe and on the other hand Tejo also comes to the same Cafe. Both of them fine such other at the cafe and get surprised.

Fateh invites her for a cup of coffee so that they can speak about the things that has happened in their life few days back. On the other hand Jasmine comes to the same Cafe.

Jasmine feels jealous of both of them she decides to destroy their time and happiness. She asks the hotel band to play some music and disturb them.

Fateh and tejo gets angry on just meet and asks them why she doing this and why is she causing unnecessary problems in the hotel. Jasmine tell that both of the and responsible her problems that she is going through.

Tejo attempts to persuade Rupee to let Jasmine return home, but he is certain that she would not be allowed.Tejo begs Fateh to forgive Jasmine and returns her to her family. 

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