Udaariyaan Upcoming Twist:Fateh and Tejo’s Romance Sequence Has Begun


Udaariyaan upcoming story: Star Plus daily soap Udaariyaan is coming up with a new and romantic story in its upcoming episodes. In the latest episode It is seen that fateh and Tejo returns home after a long time.

Tejo join the school she gets a warm welcome from the school she also gets to know that there is a new sports teacher appointed in the school. She finds that it is no one but fateh.

Everyone gives her a warm welcome by giving some flowers but fateh bring some bouquet for her. In the upcoming episodes it will be seen that fateh and tejo gets stuck in rain.

Fateh then saves her from the lamp post.Fateh starts sneezing.Tejo asks him that why is he following her.He says that he was not followng but he saw her in danger thats why he came there.

Tejo tells him that now she is habituated in facing and overcoming difficulties and she leaves from there.Fateh continues to stand over there .

The fans of the show are very excited to know that what will be happening in the upcomng episodes of colors tv seral Udaariyaan.To gets the latest updates and spoilers of the show stay tuned to us and keep watching Udaariyaan.

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