Udaariyaan Upcoming Big Update: Amrik decides to attain suicide

Udaariyaan Upcoming Big Update

Tejo gets worried about Amrik after she hears that what happened to him.Fateh and Khushbeer decide to go to the police station.

Simran tells them to be very alert .Tejo asks fateh about amrik.He tells that amrik is depressed and he goes and asks amrik to sleep.

Tejo tell him to go to the police station and ask for help so that they can and the problem that Jasmine is creating.Fateh tells her that someone is helping her to do all this.

When Amrik gets to know that they are going to the police station he says that he will let in society if the police comes to arrest him.

Fateh tells that there will be no problem and no one will be coming to arrest him.Tejo goes to ask Jasmine that why should doing all this.

Jasmine holds Tejo responsible. Tejo asks her not to blame her. She tells Jasmine that she will be not in touch with fateh and asks her to leace amrik.

Later on Amrik goes missing, his family members call Fateh and notify him.Fateh calls tejo to warn her.Tejo and Fateh rush to Virk’s house in search of Amrik. 

Tejo finds amrik in the bath tub and she sees that he has cut his wrist.Tejo saves Amrik’s life.On the other hand jashmine gets ready to hamper amriks mental health badly.

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