Udaariyaan Upcoming Big Twist:Jasmine ruines Tejo and Fateh’s time

Udaariyaan 6th january 2022

Udaariyaan Upcoming Big Twist: Fateh and Tejo return to their home. The family members get happy seeing them again at home. Tejo decides to join the school . Tejo gets a warm welcome in the college.

She gets to know that there is a new sports teacher at the school she finds that it is no one but Fateh. She gets a warm welcome from the school and everyone gives her flowers. Fateh gives a bouquet to make her feel special.

Udaariyaan 6th January 2022:Tejo reaches the venue where her family has told her to come. Fateh also reaches thee after some time and gets surprised to see that tejo is standing there. Both get shocked to see each other at the same place.

Fateh asks tejo to have coffee with him so that they can speak about the incidents that have happened in their life just a few days back which has changed their life.Jashmine also reaches the same hotel and she gets shocked to see fateh and tejo together at the hotel.

Jasmine decides to destroy the time of fateh and tejo . She goes and calls the band master from the hotel tells him to create noise so that every thing gets ruined. The man starts making the sound. Fateh and tejo goes to her and asks that why is she doing all this without any reason.

Jasmine asks both of them their why are they acting so innocent. She asks Tejo and father to get married to each other because that is the thing that tejo has always wanted. She says that both of them has destroyed her life.

Jasmine tells that she has got the band so that she can see both of them getting married.Tejo feels bad because Jasmine is once again targeting her without any reason.

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