Udaariyaan Spoiler Alert:OH NO! Fateh decides to surrender to police

Udaariyaan Spoiler Alert: Tejo and Fateh spends some time which is with each other and both remember the old times that they have spent together.

Tejo reminds fateh when he wrote a love letter in the college for judgement and she received the love letter.

She says there a shayari was written in the love letter. She tells the Sheri he asks whether she has still remember it.

She says that it was so beautiful that no one can forget that shayari. She asks that from where did he get that shayari.

Udaariyaan Spoiler Alert

He says that he got that shayari from his daddy.Tejo gets surprised to know that it was the shared by his father.

Both of them gets emotional and tears start coming out of their eyes. Both of them decides to have some coffee together.

Fateh tells that he does not know that when he will get the next chance to have coffee with her. She says that she does not want him to go to the jail.

She says that she will come to meet him in the jail.Fateh gets surprised to hear that he asks why will she come to meet him.

Tejo says that he has done so much for the family and now it is her turn to do something for him. Later on fateh tells his father that he is ready to surrender himself to the police.

Tejo breaks down completely after knowing that fateh will be going away from her. Her mother asks her whether she is ok she says that she has pain in her heart.

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