Udaariyaan Spoiler Alert: Angad Proposes Tejo for marraige


Udaariyaan Spoiler Alert:Fateh acts as a sardar.Jasmine gets arrested by the police. She tells that she has done nothing then fateh reveals his identity.He also gives the proff that jashmine is not right.

On the other hand fateh gets to know that riya’s nani was the one who kidnapped riya.Fateh asks that why did she she this with her grandchild.Shee tells that angad is insane and he can do anything to get what he wants.

Rupy tells khusbheer that tejo is returning.angad meets an accident and he thinks that now tejo will not leave him.After some time tejo gets to know that angad has met an accident and she rushes to the hospital.

She tells the she can’t leave him in that condition.Angad asks tejo about fateh and asks whether what he told her .Tejo tells that there is no problem as fateh has only came there for taking some document.

Angad fells good,Angad thinks of proposing to tejo for marriage right away.Tejo tells that he could have called her and she could have cooked.Angad says that it is absolutely ok.

He decides to impress tejo.Angad tells tejo that he will accompany her to the gurudwara.Angad proposes marriage to Tejo.She gets shocked hearing him.

Tejo says that she has always told that she doesnot love him.She tells that she has always told him that their engagement was fakeAngad says that because of Tejo’s love for him and Riya, he feels he can spend his entire life with her.

Fateh overhears the conversation between tejo and angad.Tejo tells that even after being away from fateh she was never able to forget or stop caring about fateh.Fateh gets emotional hearing all this.

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