Udaariyaan 2 Jan 2022 :Fateh tells Tejo about his & Jasmine’s fake Marriage


In the latest episode It is seen that Angad proposes Tejo. She feels bad and she comes out of the Gurudwara. She asks him that why is he saying all this. He tells that he knows that she needs someone in her life because she needs her family.

He says that when he went to the hospital for the treatment and Tejo scolded him in the hospital at the very moment he decided that he wants to spend his entire life with her. She says that she has always to him that their engagement is a fake incident. But she trusted him because she thought that he is her friend.

Later onJasmine and Fateh meet tejo. Jasmine tells her sister that her husband Fateh can’t live without her even for 1 minute. Fateh tell her to stop all this nonsense and he reveals the truth in front of everyone. He tells Tejo that he is not married and his marriage was fake.

He says that he never went to Canada and that was a lie. Tejo asks him whether Angad new all this from before. Fateh says that Angad knew all this from before and she gets shocked because no one has informed her. She gets angry on Angad.

Angad returns home and asks that where is Tejo. He gets to know that she is not at home and she has left the house. Tejo tells Fateh that now she will take the decision of her life and no one should come in between that.

A lot of drama is waiting for the upcoming episodes it will be very interesting to know that what will Tejo do now. The audience are very excited to know what will be happening in the next episodes. Stay tuned with us for the latest updates of the serial and keep on watching Udaariyaan.

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