Starplus Anupama S01 E482 24th January 2022

Anupama 24th January 2022 : Today’s episode starts with Samar calling Nandini. He thinks about Nandini and tries to call her but she does not pick up the call.

He sends a voice note to Nandini and ask her to call back. Kinjal comes there and asks him to come with her and select the kind so that they can start with the game.

On the other hand Anuj calls Anupam and shows her the kite he says that both of them are partners and that’s why he has taken a kite on which names of both of them are return.

After this everyone starts dancing. While dancing Malvika loses her balance and goes to fall but vanraj saves her Anupama watches all this.

Anupama 24th January 2022

Samar , Malvika and Paritosh starts flying the kite and three of them starts competing.Samar wins the match by cutting the kite off Paritosh.

Everyone claps for him. Kinjal tells that something has gone into her eyes and she asks samar to continue the game and she will be back soon.

Anupama tell samar to take care of his kite otherwise he will lose the game. He is about to lose when Nandini comes there and Anupama says that now we will not lose.

Nandini cheer for samar and tells that they should win the match. The family gets happy after seeing that Nandini has came there.

But vanraj gets angry seeing Nandini over there after this samar gives the kite to Anupama and Malvika gives her kite to vanraj.

Vanraj tells Malvika that she need not to worry because they will win the game,. He tells Malvika that he will surely win the game because the game is in his hand.

Anupama says that the game may be in his hand but the player is not in his hand. Suddenly someone comes and cuts the trade of vannraj.

Everyone gets shocked to see that it is no one then Kavya. Kavya tells them that how can they insult Nandini so much. She says that for the first time in life someone is supporting her.

Kavya says that last year during the same time she was trying to get close to vanraj but now they are separated from each other.

She asks everyone that no one did not even think that they should call her. Kavya gets upset. She asks Leela why did not there tell anyone about her.

Leela says that they told, her not to go but she do not listen to them and told that she needs a break.Vanraj asks Anupama that why she not telling anything in this case.

Anupam message that she does not want to get into this matter and she will never speak in this things anymore. Samar tells Nandini that he does not have problem with her the problem is with Kavya.

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