Starplus Anupama S01 Episode January 27, 2022

Anupama 27th January 2022: Anupama and Anuj works together in the office. Anupama gets tired and sleeps in the office.

Anuj finds that Anupama my sleeping he also finds that she is feeling cold so he takes off his blazer and puts it on Anupama. After sometime Anupama wakes up and finds that Anuj is feeling cold so she put the blazer again on him.

While sleeping Anupama asks Anuj to let her sleep. Anuj ask what is the problem Anupama says that he is snoring and that’s why she is having a problem sleeping. Both of them sleep together. The next morning a Malvika enters the cabin.

Malvika asks Anuj and Anupama to wake up. She asks Anupama to make some breakfast for her because she is hungry. Anupama leaves from there and agrees to make breakfast for her. On the other hand, Leela gives tiffin to Kavya and vanraj.

Anupama 27th January 2022

Vanraj asks Paritosh to accompany him to the office. Paritosh tells that he has to go to see the site so he can’t accompany them. Kavya asks him to drop her at the office because they are going to be in the same company.

On the other hand, Anuj enters his cabin and finds that his table is messed up. Anupama says that even pakhi’s table is more organized than his table. Malvika comes and asks when Anuj and Anupama are going to marry.

Both of them keep quiet and stand surprised hearing this. Malvika starts laughing. Kavya and vanraj enter the office. Anupama predicts that vanraj has not done his lunch so she offers him to lunch. Malvika gets excited about their business launch.

Vanraj says that if they see from a business perspective then Mumbai is the best place they can launch their restaurant. He makes Malvika agree. Anupama suggests Malvika first concentrate on the Ahemdabad project post she agrees to work at Mumbai.

Anuj agrees with what Anupama tells. Malvika says that Anuj has already become the slave of Anupama she says that he always agrees to whatever Anupama tells. Anupama, Anuj, and Kavya get surprised to hear this and keep quiet.

Vanraj, later on, tells Malvika that no one understands him because he wants to stay away from Kavya. He says that no one has betrayed him as Kavya has betrayed him a lot so he wants to stay away from her. Malvika consoles him.

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