Starplus Anupama 18th January 2022:Yeh Heart shape paratha Kiske liye hoga?


Anupama episode 18 January 2022: today’s episode starts with Anupama and Anuj cooking in the kitchen. Anuj tells Anupama that he thinks that everything will be ok.

He says that Samar is Vanraj’s son but the things that are inside him are Anupama’s and you are sure that everything will be falling in place after some time.

Anupam also says that you also think that everything should fall in place. She says that she thinks everything has become found by now.

She says that she must speak to Samar. Anuj says that she must go to meet him before he comes to the office. Anupama agrees with him.

Anupama tell that she must wake up Malvika, Anuj says that she can go and look after her and he will pick up the lunch. Anuj find a paratha.

He thinks that who has made this heart-shaped paratha. He gets to know that Anupam has made it Anupama watches all these from behind and gets happy.

Nandini argues with vanraj. Samar comes there and tells that Nandini should not argue with his father. He says that his father is not doing any mistake.

Nandini says that this time he is not getting angry on his father only because his mother has not been blamed. He asks Nandini to not to drag in Anupama into this.

Samar gets angry on Nandini and throws the engagement ring Nandini breaks down completely after seeing all this.Vanraj ask her to get out of the house.

Nandini moves backward and she is about to fall when Anupama comes there and saves her. He runs away from there. On the other hand Anuj speaks with paratha.

Malvika comes there and tells that she will be eating the paratha. Anuj and Malvika both Run after each other.Anuj gives half of the paratha to her.

Malvika says that they were living without Anupama but now they can’t. She asks that what will happen if Anupama had to go away from them because of her family.

Anupama goes and picks up the engagement ring vanraj tells that he does not want to hear her lecture and says that she will not give lecture.

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Both of them starts arguing.Samar comes there and says that they don’t have to argue because of him. Anupama asks that why did he break the relationship.

Vanraj tells that the relationship was meant to be broken and that’s why it broke Anupama reminds him that samar is not like him and neither Nandini is like Kavya.

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