Mirror Trading International Founder And CEO Johann Steynberg arrested

Johann Steynberg arrested

Johann Steynberg founder of MTI has been arrested and the news has been confirmed.Financial Sector Conduct Authority head of enforcement, Brandon Topham said on Friday that Hawks had confirmed Steynberg’s arrest.

Who is Johann Steynberg?

Johann Steynberg is the founder and CEO of mirror trading International.Johann Steynberg disappeared in the late 2020 after MTI stopped payouts to tens of thousands of members. 

Johann Steynberg got married to Nerina to in the year 2016 then they had a kid. It is difficult to decide whether Nerina had any authorized affiliation with MTI from a corporate point of view, despite the fact that this is highly unlikely.

Last year Nerina told the investors in a closed-door hearing that her husband Johann Steynberg bought a timber estate in Panama in earlier 2020.MTI CEO Johan was long missing, and some people started to accept that he was dead.

At this moment people are also trying to know more about him and his wife according to some reports and researches let us tell you that his wife nerina was born on 10th March 1982.

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