Meet Upcoming Update: Does Meet Ahlawat Still Love Manushi?

Meet Upcoming Update

The upcoming episode of Zee TV serial meet is gearing up for a new twist. Meet wash her father’s bike while her husband wash his father’s car.

Manushi comes and takes the pipe from meet ahlawat and asks why has he not answered her question. He asks her to stay away from him.

He says that she should not get into the relationship between he and his wife. Manushi tells that she is related to him through his sister and that cant be changed.

She says that the thing that she said on the boat was wrong and she has also understand her mistake. She says that she only asked him what will he give meet in lohri.

The family goes for picnic, Babita sali finds that Tej is missing. Meet Ahlawat says that he will look after the matter and he will find out tej. Babita tell him to lodge a police complaint.

Rajvardhan says that it is only 15 minutes and nothing will happen to Tej. Later on mate finds that Tej is coming along with Sunaina.

Sunaina says that she was with tej Babita removes her hand from Tej, Sunaina tells that she has filed the divorce with Ravi and she will now stay over there and take care of Tej.

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