Meet Ep 138, Jan 15 2022:Anubha gets angry on meet

Meet episode 15 January 2022
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Meet episode 15 January 2022 sneak peek: Anubhav gets angry on meet she says that she does not have to take care of her anymore. Meet says that she will take care of her till the last day of her life.

Anubha gets angry at her and asks her to leave the house she gives some money in her hand. Meat gets upset due to her mother’s behaviour.

On the other hand, Manushi tries to manipulate meet Ahlawat. She tells him to ask himself whether he truly loves meet or her.

Meet tells her that there is nothing between both of them and he does not feel as if she is anything for her and does not even worry about her.Manushi asks him to think and ask his heart whether he loves her or not.

In the recent track is been seen that Anubha gets to know that Manushi has returned back and she goes to bring her from the ahlawat house.

But meet makes her understand there she should not do like this because the doctor has told that she should take rest and she should not take any stress and that’s the reason why she has kept her there.

The police arrive there and say that there is someone who wants to attend suicide and someone is forcing her to do suicide.

The police ask Manushi whether someone is driving her to do this suicide she points at meet. Rajvardhan says that it is not possible because meet can do like this.

Manushi says that she is only asking her sister to bring a glass of water for her she says that no one in the house thinks bad about her.

Later meet goes to her husband’s office to deliver a pizza she thinks that she should not go inside because her husband will be feeling awkward.

She is about to leave from there when meet ahlawat comes there and tells that she wants to introduce her to the Employees he introduces her as his wife to Employees.

He inform her that actually he ordered the pizza so that he can meet her. Both of them start eating the pizza and enjoy that time together.

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