Meet Ep 130 Promo- Jan 07 2022:Babita blames meet for losing Tej

Zee TV daily soap meet it’s coming up with new and interesting twist in each and every episode which is keeping the audience due to the show.

The upcoming episode it will be seen that meet and her husband returns to the house. Babita gets excited to see her son after years . She asks that where is her son.

Meet ahlawat tells that they mate Tej over there but he did not came with then. Meet says that they have lost their age once again. Babita asks that how can this be possible.

Meet tells Babita that they were in the market and meet ahlawat was not there at that moment and and she lost him. Babita gets angry on her and she screams at her she says that it is due to her that she could not see her son you after years.

In the latest episode It is seen that meet ahlawat gets to know that Tej is over there in Rajasthan.Meet says that it is the same man about home she was telling him that day. He says that it is no one but his brother he gets emotional but he thinks that how can he reach tej.

Meet gives him an idea she says that they must keep Jalebi competition and the announce a Jalebi competition were meet and arrives . Sunaina gets married to Ravi. Babita tries to help sunana to run away from the wedding but Masoom intentionally fails the plan.

Rajvardhan receives a call from meet ahlawat and he tells raj that he has found his brother tej.Raj thinks ok that in the upcoming days he will be able to know whether his decision about sunaina’s wedding was right or not.

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