Meet 8th January 2022 Spoiler Alert: Tej finally returns home

Meet 8th January 2022

Meet 8th January 2022:In the upcoming episode it will be seen that meet reveals to Babita that they have lost Tej. Babita gets emotional she asks that how can they lose him. Rajvardhan asks to tell them what happened actually.

Meet says that her husband went to bring the cab and she was standing with tej when a man came and was suddenly showing his torch. She says that as soon as the man switch on the torch Tej started behaving abnormally.

She says that she has called the police and inform them and they are finding Tej. She says that the police said that as soon as they get to know about Tej they will bring him home.

Babita gets angry on meet she says that she was waiting for her son she says that she was eagerly waiting for her son for years and now it is due to her that she has again lost her son.

Meet ahlawat tell some other that it is not meet’s fault everyone makes our understand and consoles her. But she does not listen to them she continues to blame meet for everything.

Later on meet prays to court and asks God to show her some ways so that she bring Tej home. She receives a call from the police station and the police inform her that they have got to know about tej and they are bringing him home.

She goes to Babita and inform everyone that the police called and informed that they have got to know about tej. She says that Tej will be coming home very soon. Babita gets very excited.

Meet makes some jalebi’s for Tej because he likes it very much she says that Tej does not remember anything but they must try to do something so that he remember everything from the past.

Babita says that her son also loves her and she has made it for him today. On the other hand Ravi tells Sunaina that she can take her time because he knows very well that she was not ready to get married to him. Sunaina tells him that if he thinks so much about her then he should have not married her.

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