Meet 6th January 2022:GOOD NEWS! Meet ahlawat gets to know about Tej

Meet 6th January 2022

Meet 6th January 2022 : meet ahlawat asks meet that where did she go he says that he was so much afraid he says that he thought that he has lost her forever. She tells him that the process he told to her to come up with claustrophobia has worked.

Meet ahlawat asks me not to cry on the other hand Manushi thinks that she is very fortunate because she has got some people who have saved her she thinks that her sister may be dead by now the pacification. At that moment she finds meet and her husband she gets surprised.

Manushi starts thinking that who saved meet. On the other hand Rajvardhan and the family waits for the groom to arrive. But the send some message to Sunaina and she goes and hides in a box. Masoom asks her men to pick up another box.

Meet offers to help Meet Ahlawat bit he denies, then she asks him to help her by packing her luggage.Meet ahlawat suddenly finds a picture of his brother and gets emotional. The groom arrives at the house. The Pandit asks to call the bride.

Masum goes to the kitchen and asks , Sunaina to come out of the box she starts crying for Tej.Meet ahlawat ask meet that where did she meet Tej. Meet tell him that, his brother has lost his memory and he does not remember anything. The Pandit starts with the marriage rituals.

Meet ahlawat decides to inform the family that he has got to know that his brother is in Rajasthan. He calls Rajvardhan to inform him. The Pandit asks the bride and groom to start with the phere. Rajvardhan asks meet ahlawat what has happened.

Meet inform him that he has got to know that his brother is in Rajasthan. He tells that he will bring back his mother home and he promises to Rajvardhan that he will bring back page anyhow. Rajasthan gets very happy hearing to this news.

He turns around and finds that Sunaina is already married to Ravi, he thinks that the future will prove whether his decision is right or wrong. Meet and her husband continues to find Tej they ask everyone if they have seen Tej. But everyone tells that they have not seen him.

Meet gets an idea she says that she knows a thing that can bring Tej over there. She says that they must held a Jalebi competition. In the Jalebi competition Tej arrives with his diary.Meet smiles seeing him.

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