Kundali Bhagya – January 13, 2022:Karan gets shocked to know about Preeta’s Arrest

Kundali Bhagya

Kundli Bhagya episode 13 January 2022: Preeta gets arrested by the police,nagre asks Preeta how does she feel now he tells that he proved that he is more powerful than her.

Preeta tells that he had to do so much drama and he had to do so much acting to bring her out of the house and get arrested. He tells that she has a fire in her but the fire has burnt herself.

She says that the fire has not burn her. Prithvi comes there and tells Preeta that the thing that he told he has done it in front of everyone and proved it.

She says to Prithvi that he can take rest for a while because she is out of the house but she will return soon. Prithvi tells that she will be not coming out of the jail in her life and she will be there in the jail whole life and he will make it sure.

On the other hand bani ask rakhi how can she support Preeta when the police came to arrest her . She asks that what has happened to her and why she is supporting Preeta

She reminds her that she was the only person responsible for the date of Pihu. Rakhi tells that it is a very old thing and they must have forgotten that.

Natasha tells that she is an outsider but she wants to say something. She asks that why does they always support preeta. Rakhi says that she has told write that it is and family matter and she is an outsider so she must stay out of this.

Karan decides to buy a bat, so that he can start with his practice from the next morning. Later on he returns home and asks where is Preeta. Everyone keeps quiet and no one answers him.

Prithvi comes and says that she is there where she must be, Karan gets angry on him and tells that he did not ask him and he need not to come in between the family matter.

Prithvi does not listen anything and tells him that Preeta is in the jail, Karan and Sameer gets shocked. He asks why is she in the jail Rakhi tell him that the police arrested her telling that she was trying to kill nagre.

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