Kundali Bhagya episode recap: Preeta saves Mahesh in front of everyone

Prithvi starts his acting he tells Mahesh there is no snake in the house because it is not a jungle. He says that it is his imagination and nothing else.

He tries to prove in front of everyone that Mahesh has become mad. He tells in front of everyone that Mahesh is having some mental illness.

After knowing this everyone start speaking about the fact that Mahesh Luthra who is such a genius and the business Empire has become mad.

The media reporter also stars speaking about this they say that it is breaking news. Preeta comes and asks Mahesh to cool down.

Kundali Bhagya

She push Prithvi. Prithvi gets angry at her and goes push her but Karan asks him to stop she asks Mahesh to give his hand to her.

Mahesh gets afraid seeing everyone but she gives his hand to her. Rakhi take Mahesh from there. Prithvi things that his plan has again failed.

Preeta tells everyone that now everything is under control and Mahesh is also fine she tells that he is not well that’s why he was behaving like that and it is nothing else.

Everyone believes her the investors tell that they are ready to invest in their company they say that it is a dream project and she should make it successful.

She says that no one should go from the house without taking the box of sweets she says that it is our very big day for all of them. She invites everyone for lohri.

Karan goes to speak to Preeta he knocks on the door. She asks why is it being so nice to her because he never knocks on the door.

He says that he knows that she is a very good human being but she is acting in front of everyone as if she is very bad, she says that she does not care about anyone.

Karan says that it has been a long time Since Mahesh has hold someone’s hand but it is after very long time that he has hold her hand.

He says that he knows very well that she is not like this and she is only pretending to act very bad in front of everyone. Preeta gets emotional.

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