Kundali Bhagya 4th Jan 2022 Spoiler Alert: Preeta sets the rules for the Luthra family

Kundali Bhagya

Kundali Bhagya episode 4 January 2022: Episode starts with preeta. She takes the challenge and she decides that she will help the family to come out of the situations that they are going through, she regrets that she e was not there in Mumbai for 2 years.

Girish asks Preeta whether she is there to help them out. Preeta gets surprised to see him over there she asks whether he has heard each and everything Girish tells that us he had heard the truth she asks him to keep quiet and she asks him not to tell the truth to anyone.

The next day everyone stands in the hall and Prithvi gets ready to have breakfast. Preeta comes over there and finds everyone standing. She asks that where is the rest of the family attacks tells that Sherlyn and Natasha is still sleeping. Preeta gets angry on both of them.

She tells that today she will set some rules and they have to follow the rules and go according to that. Rakhi says that actually Prithvi eats the breakfast first and then they have the breakfast. Preeta tells that the whole system of the family has been disturbed by Prithvi.

She asks Vicky to call Natasha and Sherlyn. Prithvi goes to eat his breakfast when Preeta goes and takes his plate. Prithvi shouts on her and says that he runs a business and he must go according to the time. Preeta tells that she is the owner of the house and he have to follow the rules made by her.

Everyone comes in the hole preeta tells all the rules to the family she says that they have to follow the rules and this is the first day that’s why she is not telling anything to anyone but from the next day she will take action. Karan and remembers what happened last night.

He gets excited to see Preeta he thinks that he must get ready and then go downstairs. Preeta asks everyone to remember the rules that she has set for them. Sameer speak to Karan ,Karan tells him that Peter has returned to the house he feels excited.

Kareena comes and tells him that, Preeta has came there but as the owner of the house not as his wife.Bani says that Preeta has changed a lot and she has done something because of which Mahesh was given the property to her. Karan says that it is good that Mahesh was given the business and the property to her.

Kareena makes him understand that Preeta is not like before she has changed a lot. Sherlyn speaks to Prithvi she tells him that she is very frustrated with Preeta. Kareena hears all these conversations and get surprised to see both of them speaking.

Kareena tells Sherlyn that she knows very well how it feels when Preeta was giving orders to them. She tells that if someone gives her and option to choose between Prithvi and Preeta then she will surely chose Prithvi .Sherlyn gets surprised to hear this from her.

Preeta pics of arrows from the balcony and Karan arrives over there he says her that she should not think that by giving the rose she will say sorry to him. She says that she is not there to tell sorry to him. Karan gets emotional looking at her, she thinks that if she continues to look at him like this she will understand that she still loves him.

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