Ghum hai kisi key pyaar meiin 31st January 2022 spoiler: Sai returns top the Chavan house

ghughum hai kisikey pyaar meiin

Ghum hai kisi key pyaar meiin 31st january 2022 spoiler: Sai call Virat and ask him to come to the Chavan house. She says that she has something but is in to discuss it with him.

She also asks how are his wife and his child. He asks why she so concerned about the child and his wife now.

He thinks that must be that Sai has read the news. That’s why she is going so much concerned about him she cuts the call.

Shruti gets to know that Virat is going to meet his wife. She gets an official to ask him to tell the truth to his wife in he will be meeting her.

He does not say anything and leaves from there. On the other hand, Ninad gets to know about the news and he feels ashamed of his son for his deeds.

Bhawani gets angry with Virat she says that she is to think that Virat is absolutely like her husband but it is proof that he is not even a little bit like her husband.

Sai enters the house and everyone gets surprised to see her over there. Bhawani asks her why was she not standing with them when their reputation was going down.

Ashwini gets emotional seeing her daughter in law She Goes and hugs her. Sai also gets emotional seeing all the family members after a long time.

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