Bhagya Lakshmi 20th January 2022 Episode Today Update

bhagya lakshmi

Bhagya Lakshmi 20th January 2022 Episode Today Update: Rishi tells ayush that is missing Lakshmi very much. He says that everything in the room is reminding him of Lakshmi.

Aayush says that he can’t do anything in this case. Rishi sleeps with Aayush. He calls Lakshmi from Aayush’s mobile and Lakshmi pickup the call.

Lakshmi understands that it is not Aayush it is she asks whether it is Rishi. From the other side Rishi says that it is him.

Lakshmi gets emotional and she cuts the call. Rishi and Lakshmi both cry and sleep. On the other hand Sonia tells that she is feeling very bad.

She says that because of Lakshmi she got scolding from Rishi she says that he told her to not to speak any bad thing about Lakshmi.

Sonia says that whatever Malishka has done is very much right. Neelam comes there and tells them they are wrong as Lakshmi went in the wrong way and wrong time. 

Later on rano goes to the oberoi house the next day and gives them divorce papers,and then Rano asks them to give her papers after taking the sign of their sign.

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