Anupama Update: High Drama! Kavya is back to the Shah House, Anuj and Anupama Romance

Anupama Update

Anupama Update: The viewers of the show are ready for the upcoming episodes of the serial Anupama. A lot of drama will be seen in the upcoming episodes.

According to the latest promo Anupama and the shah’s dance and celebrate Sankranti . Malvika falls on vanraj,anupama watches all this.

Later Anupama and vanraj fly the kite . Vanraj tells anu that he will win he tells malvika that she doesn’t have to worry as he will win.

He says that the game is in his hand and he will win.Anu replies that the game may be in his hand but the player is not in his hand.

Suddenly Kavya comes and cuts thread of the kite which vanraj is flying. Everyone gets surprised to see her for there.Vanraj gets angry on her.

In the latest episode It is seen that vanraj gives the permission to Pakhi to go to USA and complete her education. He says that he could not live his dream but his children will.

Anupama comes there and tells that you will be not going anywhere. She says that how can vanraj take a decision without informing her.

He asks that how can she take a decision without informing him. Anupama promises that she still the mother of her children he says that he is also the father of his children.

She tells that Pakhi only wants to go outside India because my friends are going outside to study. She asks her that what is her aim in life.

Pakhi keeps quiet and does not say anything and promises that once she decides service she want to do in her life she will support her to make her dream come true.

Hasmukh asks everyone to play a game where they have to fly a kite. Kinjal says that everyone have to pick up paper. She says that if no name is written on the paper then the person will be not able to choose their partner.

Vanraj picks a paper and finds that nothing is written on that. Anuj tells that his father is Anupama. After hearing this Anupama also gets happy.

But Anupama gets surprised to see that vanraj has lied to the family members, she finds the blank paper falling from his pocket and she understands that he is cheating.

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