Anupama upcoming major twist: Vanraj gets angry at Anupama and Kavya

Anupama upcoming major twist:A lot of drama is happening in the ongoing track of Star Plus’s daily soap Anupama. It will be very interesting to know what will happen in the upcoming episode.

Anupama brings Kavya to the office everyone gets shocked to see her over there. Vanraj asks her why she has been brought over there.

Anupama tells that she has brought her because she will be working with her in her company. Vanraj gets shocked to hear this.

Malvika accepts that Kavya can work with them. Only order and Leela things that what is going on in the office because now Kavya will be working with Anupama and vanraj will be present to work there.

Anupama upcoming major twist

Anupama episode 27 January 2022: Anuj and Anupama sleeps in the office. Malvika comes there asks both of them to wake up.

She tells that she is very hungry and asks Anupama to make some breakfast for her. Anuj enters his cabin and finds that his desk is very untidy.

Anupama say that Pakhi is also not so on teddy like Anuj. Malvika comes there and asks that when are they getting married both of them gets shocked to hear this.

Kavya and vanraj comes over there and they start with the meeting.Vanraj tell Malvika that they must go to Mumbai and launch the project there.

Anupama tells that they much launch the project first in Ahmedabad and then they should expand. Anuj tells that it is a good idea.

Malvika says that he has already become a servant of Anupama before his marriage.Vanraj, later on, tells Malvika that no one understands that he wants to stay away from Kavya.

He says that no one has ever betrayed him as Kavya has betrayed him. He says that he can’t stay with Kavya in front of him.

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