Anupama S01 Episode 8th Jan 2022 Update:Anupama gets shocked to know the past of Malvika

anupama 8th january 2022

Anupama gets to know the shocking truth of Malvika’s past and what happened to her in the past. Anuj reveals that Malvika was in love with Akshay but Akshay never loved her and he always loved her money that’s why Anuj told her not to get married to him.

He says that after that he found the man whom he thought is the best choice for Malvika. And after that she got married to the man. Anuj says that he used to think that his sister is very happy with her husband. And once he decided to surprise his sister on the new year.

He tells Anupama that he went to meet Malvika in her in laws and when he opened the door he found Malvika sitting in a corner and crying and when he went near to her his so that there are marks on her body. And then he got to know that her husband used to beat her.

Anupama gets shocked to hearing the truth of Malvika. Malvika keeps on crying and Anupama tries to console her Anuj blames himself for the problems that his sister had to face for him Anuj says that he made and mistake in identifying the man.[Read | Anupama Upcoming Episode 10th January 2022 Promo 👉👉👉]


He also says to Anupama that everyone thinks that domestic violence only take place in families where there is lack of money on lack of education but the truth is it happens everywhere even in the house of the richest persons.

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