Anupama S01 -11th January 2022:OH NO! Anuj will go missing

Anupama 11th january 2022

Anupama comes out of the room.Anuj asks about mukku.Anu tells that she has slept.Anupama asks that how can a man behave like this.Anupama gets angry,she questions that how can a husband behave like this.

She tells that a human doesn’t even behave like this with the animals. Anupama questions how someone can be so ruthless with his lady. She cries recalling Malvika’s dark past. 

Anupama tells that when a man beats a woman he does not only hurt the women but you also had the self-respect of the women she gets emotional thinking about the painful past of Malvika.

Anupama thinks that a lot of things has happened in the past with Malavika which has affected her very much. Anuj gets emotional seeing Anupama.

Vanraj tell that domestic violence will never stop until and unless men change themselves. Anuj says that domestic violence can happen with any gender. Anuj tells that the world should stand against domestic violence their only it can be stopped.

Anupama goes to the kitchen and she calls pakhi, she asks if everyone is fine at home. She says that she is very sorry because he could not go there because they have something important at the house.

Pakhi ask Anupama whether she is ok or not or there is any problem. Anupama says that he is absolutely ok she asks pakhi to show the other members of the Family on the video call.

Pakhi call is everyone Hasmukh asks Anupama whether everything is ok over there, Anupama says that it is ok now. She says that there was some serious issue with Malvika that’s why they could not visit there.

Kavya asks that where is vanraj, Anupama tells that he is speaking with Anuj. Kavya says that when everything is sorted then why is he not coming back to home. She asks Anupama to leave vanraj.

Hasmukh tells Kavya that there must be some problem that’s why he is over there. Anupama wish happy new year to everyone. Everyone asks or to take care of herself.

In the morning vanraj returns home and finds that Kavya is not in the house. He thinks that very she. He receives some message from her. She tells in the message that she wants to begin the new year, happily.

She tells that last year many problems were there in our life but now she is ready for a new start and Associates required some time with her said that’s why she is out of the house and she will inform them when she will come back.

Vanraj, thinks that it is good that she is out of the house now he can stay in the house happily. He thinks that how will he still this to his parents. Hasmukh and Leela decides to do the pooja because all the kids are sleeping.

Vanraj comes there and takes their blessings he informs them about Kavya they say that they know about it he asks that why she did not inform him. Leela says that when they are at home they don’t speak to each other, because he has kept her away from his life now.

Vanraj gets concerned about her . Leela wish that everything will be ok in the New Year. Malvika wakes up and remembers all the things that has happened the last night she finds her depression tablets on the table and gets stunned to see that. She understands that maybe the last night everyone got to know about what happened with her.

Anupama comes there and asks Malvika, to wake up fast and to come with her. Anupama takes the name of Anuj, Malvika gets scared she asks that what happened to her brother. Anupama does not say anything and asks her to come with her immediately.

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