Anupama Episode 470,10th January 2022:Anupama gets shocked seeing Malvika in pain


Anupama 10th January 2022: Anuj tells Anupama that he is responsible for the condition of Malvika. He tells Anupama that the day he found Malvika in that condition that day also she said nothing and when their parents leave them then also she was quiet. And she only cried.

At the Shah house everyone starts thinking about Anupama and why she has not come to the house till now. They receive a message from vanraj. Paritosh informs family that he has received the message from his father Malvika has some issues that’s why they can’t come over there.

He says that vanraj will be staying there for some time and then he will return back. Kavya gets angry hearing this she asks that why will her husband stay over there when Anupama is already with them. On the other hand vanraj goes to Anupam and says that they were not picking up equal that’s why he came there.

She asks Anupama to take care of Malvika and asks Anuj to come with him. On the other hand at the house Pakhi starts crying she says that she thought that she will be wishing her mother and father on new year day. Kavya says that it is due to Anupama.

Vanraj tells Anuj that he knows that you will not need him but if he needs him he need not to think before calling him. Anupama thinks that Malvika is a young girl and at this age she has gone through such Harsh times and bad things. She understands that Malvika has been broken from inside.

Kinjal consoles Pakhi and says that there must be some problem due to which they are unable to come.Samar and everyone wish each other Happy New Year then samar asks everyone to write their wish for the upcoming year in the note.

Anupama asks Malvika that where has she got hurt. Anupama tries to make her understand and tries to console her. Anupama tells that she has to bring out the things that she has inside her. She asks her to tell everything that she wanted to tell at that time but she could not.

Malvika start screaming and starts taking out the anger from her inside. Listening to Malvika Anupama gets shocked that their are so much pain inside her. Anuj and vanraj comes there after hearing the voice of Malvika.Vanraj tells Anuj that Anupama is doing the right thing.

Anupama gives her pillow to Malvika and asks her to think that the pillow is her husband and she asks ok to start beating it. Malvika starts beating it with the belt. And then she gets tired and sleeps on the bed. Anupama takes care of her Anuj gets emotional seeing all this.

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