Anupama Episode 464,3rd Jan 2022:OH NO! Vanraj is making some New Plan?

Anupama 3rd january 2022

Anupama episode 3rd January 2022: the episode starts with Malvika telling Anupama that she is the only one person who can convince Anuj. Malvika breaks down completely and starts crying. Anupama consoles her and asks Anuj and Malvika to become friends and behave like brothers and sisters.

Anuj and Malvika both of them gets emotional and both of them hugs each other. Malvika, Anuj and GK three of them hugs each other. Anuj drags Anupama along with them. Kavya gets angry and thinks that now they are hugging each other that too in front of the whole family.

Hasmukh says that they are the Kapadia’s. Pakhi, Paritosh, and Samar wish Merry Christmas to all of them everyone starts clapping. The whole family sits together to have a dinner party tells us that some cake has fallen on Anupama’s saree. Anupama tells that she will just go and clear the stain.

She finds that Anuj is doing something with his phone. Anuj tells sorry to Anupam and says that he knows that he need to take Malvika from that house. He says that if Anupama was there in the house then it would appear in a different matter but she should trust you were there.

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Anuj tells that he will somehow make her agree . Anupama says that he should make her agree. But Anuj tells that she should make her agree because she knows how to convince a person. Anuj says that many times sisters can understand what a brother is saying but they can understand what their bhabhi is telling.

Anupama tells that she will make her understand both of them goes together inside the room and finds that all the kids are sleeping. Anuj asks Malvika to getup. Leela asks them to leave her there and take her the next morning. Anuj says that they should leave now he says that he will come the next morning and take Malvika home.

Kavya tells them to do that and take Malvika home.Vanraj puts the blanket on the kids, Kavya watches him he asks Kinjal to put the blanket on Malvika. He finds the argument papers lying on the floor and picks them up, he watches something and then throws the papers again.

Anuj and Anupama work on the road, Anuj says that they could have called for the car because GK has taken his car. Anupama says that it is already a morning and she wakes up at this time everyday. Both of them start speaking with each other.

Kinjal tells Paritosh that she is very happy because everything has become normal. Paritosh tells that means Anuj does not have anything. He tells that if Malvika is the owner of the company them he and his father both will be more powerful than Anuj.

Paritosh tells that he’ll go to the washroom and he leaves. Kinjal get scared thinking that vanraj may also be thinking about the power. Anuj finds his photo on the newspaper he tells Anupama, that the world does not know anything about him but she knows everything.

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