Anupama Episode 26th January 2022 Sneak Peek: Will Anupama help Kavya?


Anupama Episode 26th January 2022 Sneak Peek: The makers of the Show come with the new twist in the story. It will be very interesting to see what happens in the upcoming episode.

Star Plus daily Anupama is one of the most loved TV serials and the audience is given lots of love to the show from the first day.

The show has always been in the top 5 TRP list. The recent track of Star Plus daily soap Anupama is very interesting because Kavya is back to the shah house.

In the upcoming episode it will be seen that Kavya and Nandini speaks to each other Nandini says to Kavya that they must return to USA.

Kavya asks her whether she will be able to stay alone. Nandini says that they must try. Anupama overhears their conversation.

Anupama goes to both of them and tell that if they want to go she will not stop them. She says that but the should leave the house with confidence.

She tells that if they want to leave this should be not running away from the problems but they must solve the problems and then leave.

Kavya says that she needs the help of Anupama to become the same car we are there she was before.Vanraj gets angry on Anupama for helping Kavya.

In the recent track it is seen that how Kavya comes back to Shah house she gets angry on her husband. She asks that white no one remembers her.

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Vanraj gets angry on her and leaves from there he thinks that where has he got trapped. Later Anupama and Anuj speaks to each other.

Anuj tells her that now it is time for hard to get away from the personal problems of Kavya and her husband. He asks Anupama to let them solve their own personal problems.

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