Anupama Ep466-5th January 2022: Good News! Anupama accepts that she loves Anuj

Anupama 5th january 2022

Anupama episode 5th January 2022: Anuj and Anupama walk on the road. Anuj holds Anupama’s hand Anupama gets surprised to see this Anuj tell someone that he has hold her hand and now he does not want to leave it. He asks her whether she has any problem if she holds her hand.

Anupama does not tell anything and she holds his hand and keeps on walking. Kavya gets angry on Malvika can tell her to stay away from her husband she asks her that why does she always hug her husband and Malvika shows her picture. He reminds that it is the same picture when vanraj was married to Anupama but still she was hugging him.

Anupama gets ready for the office, Anuj comes and get down on his knees and helps Anupama with this saree pleats. Anupama asks what is he doing he says that when he was small his father used to watch the television and used to do it for his mother.

He says that his father was very unromantic and if Anupama was Malvika’s, bhabhi then he will leave the cricket match for doing this and helping her out. Anupama feels shy. Malvika tells Kavya that she should do some work and go to office she asks whether she has done the MBA for sitting at the house.

Kavya gets excited and asks whether she will give the job to her Malvika says that yes she will give the job to her because they have just started off with the business and then eat staff. Kavya thanks her for giving the job vanraj comes there and tells that she wont join at their office.

Malvika tells kavya that she cant do anything in this matter and she tells her to make vanraj agree .GK tells anuj that he has done the thing at last.He tells that at last he have said anupama that he loves loves her .Anuj gets shocked.He asks when did he tell.

GK remind how to told anupama.Anuj fells bad he starst to think that what wil happen if anupam fells bad after this.GK tell sthat anupama will not fell bad .He then goes to anupama and tells that he knows thatshe loves anuj but wants to hear it from her once.

She agrees that she loves him.GK gets happy and sstarts dancing.He drags anupama with him and calls anuj he tells her o tell that she loves anuj to anuj.Anupama tells that she doesnot want to tell that now.GK asks that wwhy does she hide her feelings.

Anupama tells that anuj and malvika has met after a long time she doesnot want to destroy the happiness.He tells that anupama and anuj both are idiots.Anupama makes him understand that it is not the right time.GK tells her to promise that if she understands that malvika will not accept her then also she wil tell her feeling to anuj.

Jignesh and husmukh returns home and finds malvika sitting on the swing and theygetss surprised because leela does not allow to sit on the swing .Leela asks malvika how was the breakfast.Kavya comes and thinks that when leela got to know that malvika is the owner of the bussines and she is her son’s partner thats why she’s happy.

On the other hand Anuj watches both of them anupama speaking to GK.Anupama promise to GK.Anuj comes there and asks anu that what is going on beacuse they seen to be serious about something.Anupama tells that there is nothing and leaves anuj thinks that they were serious few minutes ago but now anupama is laughing.

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