Anupama 8th-15th January 2022 Weekly Update


Anupama 8th-15th January 2022 Weekly Update:A lot of drama happened in this week. Anupama gets to know about Malvika’s fast and she gets to know about the domestic violence that has happened with her.

She makes her understand that she must bring out all the frustration that she has inside her due to the domestic violence she has faced and she could not do anything at that time.

Seeing Malvika in this condition Anuj breaks down completely his touch blaming himself for what happened to Malvika Anupama makes both of them understand that how can they overcome the situation.

At last Anupama makes Malvika understand. To make her happy the whole family celebrates Happy New Year. Everyone dance and entertains Malvika.

Malvika gets happy and she thanks everyone for thinking about her happiness she apologize to everyone that the new year party was destroyed because of the problem.

Later in the week It is seen that Kavya leaves the house.Vanraj gets to know that Kavya has left the house because she wanted her to take a break.

Anuj and vanraj start fighting, Anupama goes there and asks him to stop she gets afraid thinking that what will happen now. Anuj and Anupama finds Malvika and vanraj getting close to each other.

After seeing this vanraj feel embarrassed and leaves from there. Anupama reminds vanraj that Malvika is his business partner and nothing more than that.

She asks him to remember the truth. He says that he knows the truth and he does not have any relationship with Malvika then the business partnership.

And tell him that Malvika sometimes becomes more frank, and he should remember and distance himself otherwise they will find themselves where there were few days before.

On the other hand Anupama decides that she should leave the house so that Malvika and Anuj can spend time with each other. When Anuj, Malvika and GK a gets to know that Anupama is leaving the house all of them request had to stay.

Anupama says that she should not stop they are otherwise this society will be asking questions about her. Anuj makes her understand that Malvika needs her very much, because he is the only one who can manage her. After a lot of request Anupama agrees to him.

Samar and Nandini start fighting because of Kavya Nandini tells the Shah family does not take care of Kavya and that is why she is left alone. Leela calls Anupama and tells her about the fight between samar and Nandini.Samar tells Nandini to think whether they should marry each other or not.

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