Anupama S01 Ep476 -17th January 2022

Anupama 17th January 2022

Anupama 17th January 2022:Anupama goes to the dance academy and finds Samar in pain. She feels very bad for samar.Samar dance painfully.

Anupama being a mother feels very bad for her son Leela says that she can’t see Samar in this condition and Anupama goes to console him.

Samar falls on Anupama’s lap he starts crying he says that everything is over between him and Nandini. He says that when Anupama got divorced the whole family broke.

And he does not want that the same thing happens to them. On the other hand malvika,GK and anuj think about anupama .Anuj tells that a mother is never in peace.

Anupama advice Samar not to lose it and tries to convince him that Nandini is not wrong. Anupama says that whenever Kavya was wrong Nandini always stood for them.

Leela also tells him that this time Nandini is not wrong at all.She adds this time Nandini feels Kavya is not wrong.Samar tell that Nandini securing the whole Shah family.

He says that he does not want the whole family to face the problems that the family has faced earlier. Anupama and Leela console samar and tries to make him understand.

He says that he must stay alone and start the dance practice for the upcoming dance event. He asks Anupam and Leela to leave for a while.

Anupama thinks that if somebody is going through all this what will be happening to Nandini. Nandini thinks that when she was supporting Anupam everything was ok.

She thinks that now she is not supporting Anupama and supporting Kavya that’s why she is facing all these problems.Leela says too anu that someone has put evil eye’s the shah house.

Anupama disagrees with Leela. On the other hand Anuj waits Anupama to come.Vanraj decide to fulfil his dream by any means.

Nandini asks vanraj that why is he not supporting Kavya, everyone gets surprised to see that Nandini is arguing with vanraj.Nandini question Vanraj why he is not concerned about Kavya. 

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