Udaariyaan Update : Rupy shuts the door on Jasmine’s face,Tejo remembers Fateh


Jashmine asks that why is rupy happy wiith has happened to her.She tells that how can a father be happy when something bad has happened with his daughter.

Rupy says that which daughter he is speaking about he asks her to see the rice that she used in the bedaai ritual is still on the floor.

He tells that after whatever she has done to tejo he will never forgive her. He tells her to leave from there and to never return to that house.

She asks that where will she go he says that he doesn’t where should she go but she can go anywhere but she should never return to that house.

Rupy thinks that how why did fateh do like this to jashmine .He thinks that who should he inform he decides to tell the truth to khusbeer.

Khusbeer sees fateh’s photo and says that he thought that fateh will come back to tejo but he did not.Rupy gets ready to leave to meet khusbeer .

He sees fateh on the road and queries that why did he leave jashmine and what does he really want.He says that at first he left tejo for jashmine and now he has left her.

Fateh says he came to repent for my sins, he adds that he did all this only to get out of tejo’s life .Rupy asks that why did he do the fake wedding.

He tells that he did the fake wedding because he never wanted to marry jashmine.On the other hand jashmine reaches the virk’s house and tells everyone what has fateh done to her. And Tejo gets emotional thinking about fateh.

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