Udaariyaan Spoiler Alert 3rd December 2021:Jasmine apologize to Fateh for her mistake


Fateh reveals Jasmine that the marriage was fake. He says her that she was so excited to go to canada that she didnot even notice.Fateh tells her that the priest who came to do the marraige rituals was only a man from the theaters who was just acting .

After hearing this jashmine gets shocked she tells fateh to forgive her for her deeds but he denies to listen to her and leave from there.Jashmine goes to rupi’s house to take shelter but rupi says her that fateh has done absolutely right witth her and she deserves it.

Rupi tells that after all that jashmine has done to tejo she will not allow her to stay there.On other hand seeing fateh in the house khusbeer and the family gets shocked.In the latest episodes it is seen that fateh burns the flight ticket just before the take off.Jashmine shouts at h.m and queson that why did he do this.

Fateh gets arrested by police while Jasmine stops and questions him.He tells Jasmine that he got to know her real character after Jass revealed the truth for troubling Tejo. For more latest updates stay tuneed to us and keep watching Udaariyaan

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