Meet 23rd December 2021:Manushi meets Meet Ahlawat in the boat


Meet ahlawat give the ticket for boating to meet and meet suddenly starts cutting he goes to bring some water for her. Manushi thinks that it is the right time She decides that she will travel to meet ahlawat in the boat. She makes up a plan.

She breaks a lamp post and then pushes a beggar on that. Meet starts thinking that why no one is helping the beggar She Goes and starts helping him. Meet ahlawat comes there with water and finds meet, but he does not find her there he calls her.

Meet does not pick up the call because she is busy helping the beggar. On the other hand the boatman tells meet that he can get into the boat and he tell him that he will find meet.Meet ahlawat goes and sits in the boat. Manushi asks boat man to take them from there.

Meet ahlawat it tells the woman that it is a mistake because she should not be there in the boat he finds that it is Manushi. He asks that what is she doing over there she says that she will explain all the things to him. She ask the boat man to take the boat from there.

Meet ahlawat asks him to stop. Manushi says that will answer all the questions that he has in his mind. She says that it is due to meet she did not got married to him. On the other hand meet helps the beggar some people comes there and help them.

Manushi tells that it was due to meet she ran away because she got to know that meet was dreaming of her life with him that’s why she did and sacrificed her life for her sister. She says that her sister does not deserve this she says that even he deserves a beautiful girl like her.

Meet ask her to shut up.Meet asks the beggar to sit on the bench. JayPratap Singh arrives Babita says that each and every time he comes and then when he goes everything is messed up. He says that this time you make it sure that he does not do anything like that and everyone will be happy after he leaves.

He meets his daughter Sunaina he asked that how is she says that she is very good because the family takes care of her very much. He says that he knows that she is lying because there is no guarantee that Tej will return to her. She asks him to stop seeing all this because she believes that Tej is still alive.

On the other hand meet asks that what is the name of the beggar she gets to know that his name is Tej, she says that his name is meet. She asks that where does he stay but he fails to give the direction of his house. A boy comes and tells her that he has some mental problem.

Meet ahlawat asks Manushi to leave and he leaves from there,Meet thinks that her husband will be very angry on her because she did not went with her to take the boat ride.Meet ahlawat finds that there is Manushi’s earing on his shoulder he throws it.

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