Meet 17th December 2021: Meet and Meet Ahlawat to go for Honeymoon


Masoom finds that the bangle of meet is broken. She tells Babita that how will they do the ritual because the bangle of meet is broken Babita gets angry on her and tells that she does not care about anything. Babita tells that she has already told made that it is a very important ritual.

She tells that she is extremely angry on her because her son is also involved in this ritual. She asks Raj to take care of meet. Isha tells that she wants to confess something. She tells that she does not have any fault in all this. Masoom tells very good because Isha is now standing for meet.

Isha tells that she is not standing for me but she is telling the truth,meet ask her to stop but Isha tells that she has to tell because she can’t see her getting blamed. She reveals everything that happened to her she reveals that how the boys were blackmailing her then meets at her.

Ram says it’s true we can’t give more freedom to girls. Meet says that does not have any fault in all this, but one mistake she did is she did not informed anyone. Meet ahlawat consoles Isha and tells they are very sorry that they have broken their promise. He says that they have broken the promise that did it to her that they will trust her.

Ragini tells that it is true because Isha came to tell the truth to her but later on she did not because she did not think that they deserve to know the truth.Isha thanks Meet for helping her and apologies to her for her misbehavior. Meet tells her she is like younger sister to her.

Raja asks them to start with the rituals. Isha and Masoom helps meet to open the bangles and they start with rituals.Babita places Bappa idol in their hand than they makes her place it on plate tha Meet Ahlawat makes her wear the bangles.Meet ahlawat tells sorry to meet.

Anubha calls Manushi, but she does not pick up the call anubha send a Voicemail and ask her to get the marriage certificates. On the other hand meet gets afraid of the injection .She Goes and hides behind Rajvardhan. Tell that you should go for a hill trip.

The family decides to send meet and her husband for a honeymoon. Meet asks whether the trip is necessary or not everyone nods yes. She thinks about her studies.

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