Kundali Bhagya 20th December 2021:Prithvi Brings Natasha to Karan’s life

Kundali Bhagya

Rakhi tells Karen should not behave like that with Prithvi because if he gets angry he will stop the treatment of Mahesh. She tells Karan that he should control His anger. Preeta listens to all of this. Kareena tells Karan that they should find Rishab and bring him back.

Kareena tell him that he is childish and that’s why it is becoming easier for Prithvi to do all this. She says that Rishabh has build this business in knows all the things.Bani also tells Karan to calm down she tells him to bring back Rishabh because he is the only one who can solve this problems.

Everyone leaves from there Rakhi starts crying she thinks that everything has changed. She says that after Rishabh and Preeta has left the house the whole family has changed. Sherlyn says that Preeta will never return back because she does not have the confidence in her after what evershe has done with the family.

Prithvi takes Sherlyn with him. She tells him that he can’t break her like this. Prithvi tells that is feeling bad because her husband has left her. She says that she is not feeling that and why he so angry. She asks that whether he is angry because she is standing with family.

Kundali Bhagya

Prithvi tells that she is doing the acting very good. She tells him that they should not wear anything with Mahesh because if something happens to Mahesh then there will be no problem. Prithvi says that you will not let Mahesh die he tells that if by accident in anything happens to Mahesh then 50% of the property will be going to Karan and raised will be going to Rishabh.

He says that in the absence of you shop the property will be going to Sherlyn he says that and they should plan something so that they can get the rest of the property from Karan. He tells her to bring back Natasha in Karan’s life. And after that nothing will be the owner of the 50% all the properties.

Sherlyn goes to Natasha and tells her that she must try to get close with Karan. On the other hand Karan starts drinking. Natasha goes and tries to speak to him but he shows no interest in her. Preeta walks on the road Srishti comes there and asks that what is she doing in the middle of the road she says that she has order some Chinese food.

Beeji prays to God she says that all these years when she was with Preeta in Bangalore each and every day she used to pray for Preeta.Sarla gets emotional she asks that why she is getting emotional .Preeta and Srishti returns home sarla ask preeta whether everything was ok or not she says that everything was ok just it was the first that’s why she is tired.

At the night preeta get a dream, on the other hand, Rakhi also its up and starts thinking that after Preeta has left the house there is not a single day when she has not dreamt of preeta.

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