Kumkum Bhagya, 20 December 2021: ‘NEW TWIst’ Alia returns back to the house

Kumkum Bhagya

Prachi feels upset as she cant share the happiness with ranbir as he is now married to rhea.She starts crying.Shahana meets prachi over there.She gets excited and hugs her.Shahana asks that what has happened to her why is she so upset .

She tells that the moment they have always waited for has came but still she cant tell ranbir abouthe truth.Prachi reveals that she is pregnant.Shahana tells that it is a good news then why is she sad.She remembers what prachi has told her

Shahana asks her that why is she cant the news with ranbir.Ranbit and jai attain a meeting.Ranbir meet shahana over ther.He asks that why was prachi crying shahana tells that she was crying in the middle of the road.Jai tells shanana that what ranbir is married to rhea.

Ranbir goes to meet prachi.Prachi avoid her but ranbir holds her hand and he asks that what has happened.Ranbir tells that he knows that she still loves him.He says that he can’t even understand that why he feels for her till now. She says that she does not want to speak to him and leaves from there.

Ranbir tells jai to handle the client and he have to return home. Ranveer comes back home. And asks whether Prachi has returned or not . Pallavi says Rhea that the next day is a very special day for them because they are inviting the guests.

Kumkum Bhagya 20 December 2021

Rhea says that it is a special day because she will introduce herself to everyone as Ranbir’s wife and at that moment Prachi enters the house. She asks her mother to be aware that she is the wife of Ranbir and not rhea. She says that it is OK that if she wants to introduce someone new.

Rhea tells Prachi that she is Ranbir wife. Alia enter house she asks that why haven’t Pallavi thrown Prachi out of the house. She says that they have promised her that they will look after the wedding of Ranbir and rhea very carefully, but she has not taken the responsibility.

She asks that why Prachi is in the same house. Prachi says that she is the wife of Ranbir and she has the right on him. Alia tells Prachi that there is no relationship between them. Prachi says that the relationship between them is only because of her father.Prachi says that Alia and her father both are brothers and sister she asks her to break the relationship with her brother then automatically their relationship will come to an end. Alia starts shouting on her.

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