Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 20th December 2021:Virat brings good news for sai

ghum hai ksi ke pyar mein

Mohit comes and finds that sai crying and eating fruits, he asks that she was fasting then why she is eating says that she has broken the fast because for whom will she keep the fast. Mohit asks that what has happened she tells him that Virat has changed.

She tells him that after he came from the mission he seems to be very sad even if the mission is successful. Mohit reminds her that what do we DIG said he said that he did not know that why is Virat, so sad after the completion of the mission he tells her to take care of Virat and to keep an eye on him.

Sai gets suspicious she asks Mohit that whether he knows anything about Virat, he thinks that he should not tell the truth or otherwise she will completely breakdown he tells that he does not know anything about him. He informs her that he has got a role.

She tells that she is very happy for him but Mohit finds that she is still upset and feels better for her. Devyani tells that when sai will get her results she will celebrate. Bhawani gets angry and asks her to stop,Omkar and Sonali taunts about Sai.

Sai comes there in the hall and asks anyone that no one should I ask her about Virat she says that she has no idea that where is Virat. Aishwarya sure that no one will be asking her about Virat.Sai says that she is feeling nervous thinking about her results.

She says that Pulkit is about to call her and inform her about her result. At that moment Virat and Pulkit enters the house detail that the Deen of the college has called sai parents.She gets nervous and tell that what will happen if she has performed really bad in the exams.

Virat starts laughing and informs everyone that she has topped and the College Principal is so happy that they want to congratulate her with a award, Virat also congratulate her.Devyani becomes excited and hugs Sai. Everyone claps for her.

Pakhi starts taunting her she tells that when she knew that she has written all the answers in the exams, she was acting as if she will do a bad result.Sai tells that she will neglect all the negativity, and will celebrate her success. Virat goes to bring something for sai.

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